Asamadi Business Solutions
8a, WOSB, EDWOSB, DBE, SDB, TERO, 100 % Native Owned


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


•Derived from the Cherokee language, the English translation of “a-sa-ma-di” is“smart” or “clever”. 

•The president and CEO of ABS is a tribe member of the Cherokee Nation. This background provides a strong culture of community involvement and unity.

•ABS’s practicality of intelligent solutions and philosophy of a partnership approach is infused through our entire company and influences the support we provide to our customers.  The president and key personell have a distinguished background of providing unparalleled support to a wide-variety of clients.

•Implementing a partnership approach, ABS strives to adapt proven teamwork methodologies to focus efficiently on our client’s critical business needs.


Key Personnel


President & CEO

Andrea Sibley (Lesher)

Andrea Sibley, President and Owner of A-sa-ma-di Business Solutions (ABS), was born in Nowata, Oklahoma and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.  Andrea’s 11 years of well-rounded Project Management and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) experience has facilitated the successful, flexible, and scalable business process management methodology at ABS.

Andrea wants to make a difference in the community where she was raised and bring economical growth opportunities into the Cherokee Nation area. She wants to help provide people with the means to accomplish the pursuit of happiness and to ensure the knowledge and opportunities for utilizing the renewable resources available. She wants to ensure that the renewable resources can provide the tribes with the ability to improve education, healthcare, and the overall living standards for tribal members and tribal lands.



 manager of Operations

Jennifer Brill

Jennifer Brill is the Manager of Operations at A-sa-ma-di (Smart) Business Solutions, LLC. Jennifer joined the Asamadi team in January of 2017. Jennifer's mission is to streamline operations, increase productivity and ensure customer and partner satisfaction. In the short time she has been with the company she has re-organized and streamlined the HR and Finance departments. Jennifer is known for her tireless work ethic and dedication to getting the job done right.